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6228 S Carr Ct
Littleton, CO, 80123
United States


"Love God.  Love people.  Do something."

We meet for worship at 6pm on Sundays at 6228 South Carr Court, Littleton Colorado.  Nursery and children's programs are offered to kids through grade 5.  If you engage with the worship we hope you'll join one of our Life Groups.  And if you really want to go all in we can get your connected to one of our serving teams.


Youth Group

Our Youth Group is a joint ministry of Apex Church and Faith Community Church and seeks to engage with all youth of our community.  Youth grades 6-12 meet most every Thursday night, 6:30-8pm at Faith Community Center.

Our youth model their ministry around the simple model, "Love God.  Love People.  Do Something."

So one night the youth worship and engage in bible study (Love God).

The next meeting they engage with one another with games and conversation (Love people).

And the next meeting they will engage with serving, either onsite or on a field trip (Do something).

For more information write us  students@faithctr.org