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6228 S Carr Ct
Littleton, CO, 80123
United States


"Love God.  Love people.  Do something."

We meet for worship at 6pm on Sundays at 6228 South Carr Court, Littleton Colorado.  Nursery and children's programs are offered to kids through grade 5.  If you engage with the worship we hope you'll join one of our Life Groups.  And if you really want to go all in we can get your connected to one of our serving teams.


Weekly messages from Apex Church in Littleton, CO.

Easter Series 2018: This Changes Everything

George Saylor

This Sunday we kick off our series leading us to Easter.
For the next 4 weeks we'll walk with Jesus toward his cross.

This Sunday we go to Jericho,
meet a wee-little man far from God,
who got close to Jesus,
and discovered life-changing joy.

Next Sunday, March 11,
we ride with Jesus into Jerusalem,
And encounter a perfect-storm of expectations, assumptions and the reality of Jesus.

On March 18 we come to a table with Jesus and his disciples,
and we'll be invited to a meal that stretches on for eternity.

On March 25 we arrive at the cross-
betrayal, trial, torture, death and burial.

On Friday, March 30,
we'll have a special "Good Friday" service at 7pm.
This service is NOT for the faint of heart.

And on Sunday, April 1,
we celebrate the Resurrection that changes everything!
We'll be worshiping together with our partners at
Horizon Community Church.
9am Easter Egg Hunt
9:30am Celebration

I hope we'll be together every step of the way.
See you Sunday.

9:30am @ 2121 Dad Clark Road
6pm @ 6228 South Carr Court