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"Love God.  Love people.  Do something."

We meet for worship at 6pm on Sundays at 6228 South Carr Court, Littleton Colorado.  Nursery and children's programs are offered to kids through grade 5.  If you engage with the worship we hope you'll join one of our Life Groups.  And if you really want to go all in we can get your connected to one of our serving teams.


Weekly messages from Apex Church in Littleton, CO.

Tableology (11.26.17)

George Saylor

Sally Clarkson explains in her book "The Life-Giving Table," how each meal is an opportunity to practice Tableology: Gather. Bless. Eat. Share. Service.

Tableology is making the table the center of our homes,
just as the table (along with the cross and the baptism pool),
lay at the center of our church.

- Gather together as family and friends, putting away all distraction.
- Bless the meal, give thanks to God, and welcome Him to the table.
- Eat! Enjoy the food, for it is good!
- Share with one another, not just the food, but also your souls.
- Serve one another, then, nourished from the meal, go out to serve our world as the hands of Jesus.

I closed the service with a list of ways that you can begin to practice Tableology.
It's a long list. Don't be overwhelmed.
Read it through as decide which ones you will prioritize this Christmas and in the seasons ahead:

- Morning devotions (prayer and bible reading) over a cup of coffee
- Family devotions in the morning with the book or bible reading plan of your choice
- A home cooked dinner, as many nights of the week as possible, with family devotions and prayers to follow
- Friday night pizza night with home-made pizzas and a movie
- Game night once a month at the table with appetizers
- Sunday morning brunch with all the fixings followed by worship
- Birthday breakfast in bed for each member of the family
- Family and Friends Thanksgiving
- A Christmas birthday party for Jesus with a gift given to church or mission
- Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor day cookouts with neighbors and yard games
- Once-a-month dinner club with friends
- Once-a-month date night with your spouse or best friend
- Girls Night Out with mom and daughter(s)
- Boys Night Out with dad and son(s)
- A “Bar Mitzvah” party on your kids 13th birthday
- Serving and sharing dinner at the SWSN