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6228 S Carr Ct
Littleton, CO, 80123
United States


"Love God.  Love people.  Do something."

We meet for worship at 6pm on Sundays at 6228 South Carr Court, Littleton Colorado.  Nursery and children's programs are offered to kids through grade 5.  If you engage with the worship we hope you'll join one of our Life Groups.  And if you really want to go all in we can get your connected to one of our serving teams.


Life Groups

What to find out about our Life Groups?  Keep reading.

Want to talk with someone, visit a Life Group, and experience what we're all about?  Contact us via the little envelope icon above.

We believe that the a worship service is faithful to the biblical model of gathering as a worshipping community on the Lord’s Day, and still resonates with the cultural context of Littleton.  We feel that a well-organized large-group worship experience can be attractive for both the churched and un-churched.

But being a part of the church is so much more than one hour Sunday morning.  People are longing for community intimacy, relational connection with other people.  We believe that being in relationships, and in the body of Christ, is an essential part of every Christ-followers life.

We want to grow "bigger and smaller."  A big church if small groups.  Life Groups are strategic for this mission in at least three different ways:

  1. Life Groups are how you "join" our church.  We know your name, we know you're connected, and we know how to connect with you.
  2. Life Groups are how we do prayer and care.  We celebrate the good things, and support each other in the hard things.
  3. Life Groups are how we do discipleship.  Growth happens fastest and deepest in a Group that provides teaching, encouragement and follow-up.

We are praying and working for 100% participation- everyone in worship, and everyone in a Life Group.

Common Purpose

1) A place to BELONG

Belonging is perhaps the greatest human desire and need. To know that we belong to God, that we belong in a community of people, and that we have a common sense of belonging together in God’s world.

2) A place to GROW

In Life Groups we can grow our faith.  This happens through bible study and prayer.  By digging deeper into the sermons and discussing the reasons why we believe what we do.  The goal is to grow in the character of Christ in each person.

 3) A place to SERVE

We desire these groups to be a place to reach out and serve.  We can serve the people in our group and in our community through word and deed.

Common Place

God placed you in your home, your neighborhood, your workplace, you school, for a reason.  We want Life Groups to be a part of your home, your neighborhood, your life!  Our hope is to build a thriving network of Groups that so everyone involved with Apex might not only have a group, but would actually be able to walk to their group!  Imagine a group that is such a part of your life that you pass each other on the street, spontaneously stop in to visit, share a common sense of neighborhood.

Can you imagine actually being there for one another, and for your neighbors?  What would it look like to love your neighbors?  Your actual, literal, next-door-to-you neighbors?  We think God put you in the place you are according to His plan.  And clearly, part of His plan is for you to love the people around you.

What about kids? 

This is perhaps the greatest place of integration of children into church life. The place where they see their parents lead and participate, the place where other Christian adults interact with them, the place where they learn community and connection.  If the people in a group have kids, the people in the group should figure out what to do.  We want children to say, “Group night is the best night of the week!”


  • Groups run on the semester format: Fall, Winter, Spring.
  • Groups have a clear starting and stopping date.
  • Groups are organized geographically.
  • Groups are intergenerational.
  • Groups are made up of approximately 12 people .
  • Groups of less than 12 will remain open for registration.
  • Groups that are full are allowed to be closed.
  • Personal invitations to join are Group are the most effective way to start and grow Groups.
  • Groups that are able to grow larger than 12 are encouraged to do so, and split.
  • We will promote Groups each semester through the worship service and Groups Catalog.
  • Each Group will have a Facilitator and a Facilitator in Training.
  • If the Facilitator(s) make arrangements, Groups can meet at a Host home.
  • Groups will meet for approximately 1.5 hours each week.
  • Groups are to meet weekly during the semester.
  • Group members will agree to a “Commitment” at the beginning of each semester.
  • The standard Connections Group curriculum will be a discussion based off of the weekend worship service.
  • Groups may choose a different curriculum.
  • Groups are encouraged to discover ways to serve in the community.
  • Groups should plan for some fun time together.
  • Group leaders will fill out a form each week that gives them a chance to 
    • share attendance to track your group;
    • share any great stories or ideas that you have;
    • or share any frustrations, or ask questions, or ask for help!
  • Group Leaders should start a sign-up at the first meeting to recruit others to bring snacks.
  • Group Leaders should start a weekly email, or another way to communicate group news, reminders and prayer requests.
  • Group Leaders should share all important church news and updates.


A Typical Small Group Meeting – A.C.T.S.

ASSEMBLING: a time to worship God through eating, sharing, laughing, etc

CONVERSING: a time to share church news and events, and to intentionally catch up with one another

TEACHINGparticipants will teach each other by discussing the bible text/topic of the message together

SUPPLICATION: a big word for prayer- taking time to really pray for each other